This word inspires me, motivates me, especially when it comes to one of my passions: the human body!  These are two of the many definitions we can find of this word:

-The state of being strong and active; energy

-Capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence

My Goal

The concept of this word means a lot to me.  Not only do I strive to make this a daily mantra in my life, but I also want to share this philosophy with my clients… Quality of Life MATTERS !!!

After years of travelling and several career paths, I finally discover the world of manual therapies! I started off my studies at the Académie de massage et d’othothérapie in Gatineau to become a massage therapist.  When I knew for sure that this domain inspired me, I continued this venue to the next step to become an orthotherapist.  By then, I was thrilled with my work and needed more information on the human body to put my hands and my mind at work in a new challenge.  I stumbled upon Craniosacral Therapy by accident, these international courses coming from the Upledger Institute based in Florida, and my mind craved for more since then!  I keep feeding my mind and hands more knowledge on the human body; I take classes from the lather every year and have become an assistant teacher for the Institute whenever they come to Ottawa to teach their classes.

‘What is Orthotherapy?’, ‘What is Craniosacral Therapy?’, you might wonder?! I invite you to come over to meet me or send me an email so I can explain these therapies to you and even possibly get you to try them out !


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  • Saturday  •  9:00 am – 1:00 pm  

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