Sandy Baril is a bilingual, experienced, advanced manipulative physiotherapist whose passion is to help people stay active and achieve a healthy lifestyle with a treatment plan tailored to each clients’ specific needs. 

She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 2002. Sandy has since worked as a registered physiotherapist in an array of settings including a few years in acute care to also become a travelling physiotherapist with Cirque du Soleil. Since 2005, Sandy has worked in private practice and trained extensively in manual therapy to help her patients get better, recover faster and stay healthier.  In 2012, Sandy became a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (FCAMPT) after successfully completing her Advanced Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapy Examination and receipt of its Diploma. In 2016, she obtained her Physical Therapy Licence to practice in California while posted abroad with her family.

Her travels created great opportunities to explore and work with a wide spectrum of clients that have pushed her to understand and successfully treat orthopedic conditions and injuries seen in all fitness levels; in office workers, industrial plant workers, athletes, runners and Military members just to name a few. She also completed post-graduate courses in muscle imbalance, acupuncture and Dry-needling, core stabilization, neurodynamic mobilization, muscle strengthening and movement pattern re-education, some vestibular, ergonomics and prevention education.

Her philosophy is to find the source of the problem and rebuild to prevent further injuries, get the client involved in their rehabilitation and start living a healthy lifestyle. Sandy stays active through yoga practice, Latin and Ballroom dancing, hiking, strength training and any seasonal activities she can enjoy with her family. She loves to travel with her husband and two kids, dip her toes in the ocean and take in a sunset through her camera lens. 


  • Monday   •   9:00 am – 3:00 pm  
  • Wednesday   •  9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Friday   •  9:00 am – 4:45 pm